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Dragon’s Heir: The Archeologist’s Tale

Glenn Parris

Dragon’s Heir: The Archeologist’s Tale

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Once I realized this book had a glossary at the end (“The Abridged Jing Pen Translator”) this was an enjoyable sci-fi/fantasy novel. The author has created a rich, expansive world of interesting, substantive characters and a fascinating history with a Tolkien-esque sense of a lived-in universe.

Once you begin to wrap your head around what is happening, you find yourself becoming engrossed in an intriguing plot and a story that has parallels to real-world politics without beating you over the head with an agenda. Themes flow naturally from the plot and pull you deeper into this imaginative world.

I don’t want to spoil too much but the basic plot revolves around the idea that just before the disaster that wiped dinosaurs from the earth, the Efilu civilization left the earth and entrusted a small group that remained behind to recover and restore the earth after the disaster.

Millions of years later, the Efilu face a scourge that will destroy their empire if a cure cannot be found back on earth. The rescue team comes to earth to find a changed world infested by mammals with no clue where the small group left behind is located or if they even still exist.

If you enjoy being able to dig into mythology and history, this book provides ample opportunity for you to dwell on the intricacies laid out in this riveting tale. The characters are interesting and the story will leave you wanting to learn more and spend more time living in the world so masterfully crafted by the author.

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Dragon’s Heir: The Archeologist’s Tale by Glenn Parris

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As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.