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Stranded in the Wild

Gary Rodriguez

Stranded in the Wild

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This book encompasses two genres I don’t typically dip my toes into: children/young tean lit and, to a lesser degree, religion. Despite my initial hesitations I was pleasantly surprised by this novel.

It covers the story of a summer camp rafting trip gone bad for four teens that just met: Savi, Jade, Rico, and Conner. After brief introductions, and an even briefer time on on the raft, the protagonists find themselves fighting and overcoming a myriad of obstacles as they struggle to survive and find a way back to camp.

Although the adventure and survival aspects of the story are compelling and keep the pages turning, it is the interaction of the characters and their development and subtle nudges towards friendship that make the book truly compelling.

Even though some of the religion-based themes and dialogue could be considered “cringey” it was all true to the character-development, and plot, making it an easy shortcoming to overlook. It certainly does not detract from how entertaining the story is. Given the target-age of the novel, it is not likely that the average-aged reader of the story would give much thought to.

Overall, if you enjoy a good survival story with lots of twists and turns this is one I would recommend—especially for younger readers. The characters are interesting and things are left open for possible sequels. It’s a fun, quick read so it is definitely worth checking out for a short plane ride or a nice commuter read.

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As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.