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Tetrastatum: A Time Travel Thriller

Tim Smith & Dr. Richard

Tetrastatum: A Time Travel Thriller

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This book is a fascinating sci-fi novel (heavy emphasis on the sci). This book takes you on a deep dive into the world of remarkable plausible scientific discoveries, including time travel.

It contains conspiracy theory mysteries, ala Dan Brown and the DaVinci Code, philosophical and moral history, world history, the fantastic (the great lost city of Atlantis), the confusing/unexplainable, and a hint of Christopher Nolan’s movie Inception. It is a book that makes you wonder what is reality and what is simply a construct of the mind. In short, it has a little bit of everything and really makes you think about the way the world works and your own life.

Be prepared for a deep exploration of quasi-plausible science. If you have a passing understanding of quantum mechanics and the role statistical modeling plays in physics, you will be able to follow. At times, the plot is completely obfuscated by scientific exposition and lectures on philosophical history. Some of it is fascinating and deeply rooted in reality. Some of it is way out there and makes the novel a tough read.

Overall, however, I would recommend this novel for anybody who enjoys non-fiction science books and pure science fiction novels. Think Michael Crichton and Andromeda Strain, or even Jurassic Park, but for quantum physics and mechanics. I enjoyed the story and enjoyed the rabbit holes of thinking it took me down as I used Wikipedia to better understand some of the history and science described in the book.

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As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.