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The Institute

Stephen King

The Institute

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This is another amazing book by Stephen King. I am not a King complete-ist but I am a 90 to 95-percent-ist (at least for his novels). For me, The Institute can stand toe-to-toe with some of his best works.

This is the intersecting stories of a telekinetic 12-year-old boy named Luke and a semi-retired lawman named Tim. Luke, and the friends he makes after being kidnapped and taken to the Institute, are the heart of this story. I was enthralled from the moment I started until I finished.

Just as the book picks up speed and tightens the noose around the main characters’ collective necks, I could feel the same intensity and claustrophobia building in myself as I raced to the end of the book.

King has an amazing ability to draw you into his world and not let you go until he wants to. Some of his longer works (The Stand comes to mind) seem to have a lot of extraneous moving parts to the story that don’t add much. This is definitely not the case with The Institute. This is a tight, concise story which is an amazing feat considering its length (576 pages).

If you love Stephen King you should definitely pick this one up. If you love a good, suspenseful book with incredible plots and compelling characters, you should also pick this one up. In fact, if you like fiction of any kind, I would highly recommend this book.

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