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Call of the Mandrake (Ghostly Shadows Book 4)

F.R. Jameson

Call of the Mandrake (Ghostly Shadows Book 4)

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Michael Garris is the Dr. Watson to Ludo Carstairs’ Mr. Holmes in this mystery involving a sunken WWII research vessel, the sleepy Welsh hamlet of Beddnic, and a lot of missing people. It is more of an X-Files monster-of-the-week type book than a traditional Sherlock Holmes-style mystery though.

Garris and Ludo work for an organization that is subcontracted by multiple governments to investigate the uncanny and supernatural. This investigation starts with reports of a few missing people, followed shortly by the town barricading the only road into town, shooting flares at helicopters attempting to land, and the women of the town forcibly removing anyone else who attempts to skirt those measures. The two investigators navigate an motorized inflatable raft to the town and ensure they cannot leave by incapacitating their only mode of transportation out of the town.

The premise, and the story that flows from it, is captivating from the beginning. My one quibble is that this feels like Ludo’s world and we are just along for the ride and don’t get pulled into the story as much as with some of the other books in this series. However, that is a minor quibble and does not detract or distract much from the overall experience.

I would highly recommend this to anyone who enjoys horror, the supernatural, X-Files, or even Sherlock Holmes. It’s a mysterious story that will keep you guessing until the end. You may leave the story with more questions than you went into it with but it is a more satisfying read for it.

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Call of the Mandrake (Ghostly Shadows Book 4) by F.R. Jameson

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