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Hallowed Halls

H.E. Kline

Hallowed Halls

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Becky Lawrence graduated top of her class from Harvard Law. She began clerking with a circuit judge, Judge Woodward, the year before her graduation with the goal of becoming an attorney general. A year after her graduation, Judge Woodward wrote a letter of recommendation to the Massachussetts State Attorney’s office which landed her the job without even an interview.

She is assigned to work with an attorney, Zach Woods, with the best reputation and largest workload. He also happens to be the best looking lawyer in the building. She quickly begins an affair Zach, who is married and has a young daughter, and becomes fast friends with his paralegal, who also serves as her assistant. In between all of the interpersonal relationships there is a lot of legal action that takes place in a building haunted by the ghost of a man wrongly convicted of a crime by a judge and lawyer working in the building.

Overall, the relationships are the selling point and highlight of the story. The other parts seem a little awkward at times and almost thrown in at the last minute to make this a horror or ghost story. It doesn’t take too much away from the overall book so I wouldn’t count that as a negative of the story necessarily.

This book has an interesting premise with characters that quickly grow on you. If you enjoy legal procedure and/or romance, this is definitely the book for you. If you are looking for a scary story, this one doesn’t quite fit the bill but is still a fun read.

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