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Hornswoggled at Hell Creek

Jack Hazen

Hornswoggled at Hell Creek

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This book contains a lot of lootin’, robbin’, hangin’, murderin’, rapin’, and whorin’. It’s a more modern western, with some inaccurate historical fiction thrown in, than a traditional western. It is the intertwining story of the passengers of a steamboat that was blown up and robbed and those trying to figure out what happened to those on the steamboat.

The most interesting company on the steamboat was an archeological expedition led by a woman who found many dinosaur bones in Montana and was on her way back to Philadelphia with her haul and scientific discoveries when someone blew up the steamboat. A safe full of gold also presumably sunk when the boat was blown up.

There are plenty of bad guys, good guys, and guys just trying to survive. It’s an intriguing storyline with characters that are not what you expect from the western genre. It is not your typical alpha male-based story and involves significant sexual nuance that is surprising for a western.

All in all, it is a story with enough moving parts to hold your interest and make want to find out what is going to happen with the characters. There are surprising appearances by Mormon settlers, the circus, camels, elephants, P.T. Barnum’s burned down “American Museum” of the strange, circus oddities, a bearded woman, among a host of other characters with their own quirks. The big bad has snake-skin boots, vest, and hat, carries his pet python on his shoulders at all times, and eats people.

If you are looking for an unusual western with a lot of moving parts, definitely pick this one up.

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As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.