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Muddied Waters

Theo Clarkson

Muddied Waters

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Muddied Waters is a fast, fun read. From the moment I opened the book to the moment I put it down, I was thoroughly entertained and enthralled with the characters, the plot, and the storytelling. It was a solid story and the best pirate story I’ve read since Treasure Island (granted that amounts to about zero books—but my point stands that I enjoyed this one).

Muddied Waters is the story set during the twilight of the age of pirates and pits a pirate crew against an undermanned crew carrying the treasure of a person of minor royalty but major wealth. The retiring viceroy Belo is accompanying his treasure to ensure its safekeeping while at sea. There they run into the Liberty captained by a pirate named Teague.

From there the adventure begins as these two ships and lives are intertwined thereafter. Belo is determined to get his treasure back and Teague and crew are intent on keeping it. The battle of wills and wit is the central contention driving the plot forward.

There are some interesting battles, surprising deaths, and interesting twists and turns all along the way. If you enjoy a good pirate story, you can’t go wrong picking this one up. Theo Clarkson has done a remarkable job depicting the life and times of pirates and sailing during this time.

If pirates aren’t your thing, this is still a great read. The story is tight and streamlined. The characters are well-developed and interesting. The twists will keep you guessing. For a quick, fun read, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend picking up this book.

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