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Michael Fridgen


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Ruth3:5 takes place in the far future of the city Philadelphia. Citizens of the city are programmed to not question authority and forced to only learn to strictly follow all rules, laws, and commandments. They are assigned names randomly at birth after based on a bible verse.

This story is about a twelve-year-old girl named Ruth3:5 who begins to question that authority and the GovernChurch. She comes by this questioning genetically—she has an aunt in hiding, whom she has never met, who similarly questioned authority and is now living in hiding under an assumed name.

The story is very similar to The Handmaid’s Tale’s dystopian tale of religion replacing all free-thinking and being abused to suppress citizens. It is similarly absorbing and has an air of mystery from the very beginning. As you read more, more is revealed. The mystery and foreignness of the world created by the author compels you to want to finish reading the novel in one sitting.

If you enjoy future, dystopian fiction, this is definitely a great book to pick up. However, it is not as dark as some dystopian novels and offers moments of hope and light that make this book easier to digest than some harrowing stories of bleak futures. The story and characters are interesting. The plot, while not entirely original, feels fresh enough to hold anyone’s interest. Overall, this is an interesting story with plenty of depth and twists to keep you reading until the end.

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As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.