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Brian L. Jackson & Sasha Figarella


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Chaos is a fantastic sci-fi, supernatural, dystopian fiction novel. It is all the best elements of these genres and only a few of the tired tropes. The book is entertaining, engaging, and fun to read. I was quickly drawn into both the story and the lives of the characters. I especially enjoyed the mystery and life of the main protagonist, Charlene MacLeod.

This is the story of Charlie who is the designated “Seal Breaker” and who has discovered that she has powers—the ability to burn things on command, along with telepathic and empathic powers. She is being chased by evil organizations with her adoptive parents when she they are taken in by a conclave housed in a Sottish castle for protection. However, she quickly learns this conclave has ulterior motives and reasons for keeping her around.

The novel keeps you guessing about who you can trust and what exactly the end-game is for Charlie. In some ways it is predictable, but, in more important ways, it keeps you on your toes and interested in the story.

If you enjoy dystopian science fiction, this is definitely the novel for you. It is the second in a series so if you aren’t sure, you should definitely pick up the first one before beginning this one. Otherwise, it is written in a way that makes it easy to pick up without knowing the full backstory to enjoy. Give it a shot and I’m sure you’ll enjoy the adventures of Charlene MacLeod as much as I did.

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As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.