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Sorcerers’ Dynasty

Stephen C. Perkins

Sorcerers’ Dynasty

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Mr. Perkins is back at writing great science fiction. I really enjoyed his previous novel I read (Sky Parlor) so I picked this one up. It is clear the author has a love of the English language and this makes the book all the more enjoyable.

Sorcerer’s Dynasty is about a global company, the Serenity Corporation, the brilliant scientists that make astounding discoveries there, a journalist, the potential end of the world, and widespread conspiracy theories. With so much of what happens in today’s world being controlled by mega-corporations (some good, some not so good), this novel raises interesting ethical and moral questions about the role of corporations in determining humankinds’ future and well-being.

Overall, the characters are engaging, the dialogue well-written, and the plot moves at a great pace—not too fast and certainly not too slow. The twists keep things interesting and there is enough mystery and discovery to hold your interest until the very end of the story. It’s a book that is fun to sit and read in one sitting (if you have the time for that sort of thing) though it is not required.

Overall, this is a very strong science fiction novel with tones of the supernatural and/or fantasy as well. It’s not quite dystopian but it is set in the semi-distant future and has, at times, a bleak outlook. Overall, though, this is not a typical dystopian future novel. It is suspenseful, mysterious, interesting and fun to read.

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As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.