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The Ordinary Sin

Mario Kiefer

The Ordinary Sin

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The Ordinary Sin is a fascinating story of complicated family relationships, a found diary, and the roads the revelations found therein lead Sara down. Sara has come home to care for her mother and begins reading her diary. There she finds secrets and stories that help her to make sense of her mother, her family history, and herself. It is a story of discovery, secrets, love, and family.

I did not realize this was a part of a series until after reading the book and reading other reviews. While I’m sure the other two books would add immensely to the emotional payoff in some parts of the book, it is not necessarily required reading to enjoy this volume. If you think you will enjoy this one, pick up the other two and just read the whole thing would be my suggestion.

The story is rich with detail and drama and express the intensity that can be found in long-term, especially familial, relationships in ways that I have rarely seen or experienced in other novels. The characters are fully developed and the plot is easy to follow but entertaining with plenty of action and revelations to hold your attention to the very last page.

If you love interesting stories with detailed background, this is a great book. Much of the story and reveals happen through flashbacks that directly impact the here and now for the protagonist Sara. The interplay between the present and flashbacks make for an interesting element in the story and is done well. Overall, I would highly recommend reading this one when you get the chance.

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As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.