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The Belfore Void

Joey Rogers

The Belfore Void

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The Belfore Void is a fantastic science fiction novel. If you love science and physics you will definitely love this book. It is like shooting straight science fiction into your veins from page one until the end.

The characters are interesting and have fun growth and development throughout the novel. The plot moves along at a perfect pace. The antagonist is, at times, kind of out there but never detracts from the storyline. The protagonist is easy to root for and fun to read.

Andi is a doctorate student studying Voidology at Belfore University. A portal that opened into the Void was discovered by physicists at Belfore University thirty years before Andi shows up with her perfect recall memory. No real strides had been made since that time and had become mostly a joke to many in the scientific community—like the perpetual motion machine or like how nuclear fusion and quantum computers are always about 20 years away from being viable.

However, someone recognizes the promise that Andi’s unusual ability to remember everything she learns and believes it could be the missing link for his research into the Void. This places Andi in great danger. The fun just takes off from there.

The science is a lot of fun—especially if you love physics. This really is a strong science fiction novel and not one of those books that says it is science fiction but ends up being more fantasy than anything else. It is a great read and I would highly recommend this book for anyone who loves the genre.

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