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Thomas Jefferson Survives

C.J. Hayek

Thomas Jefferson Survives

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Thomas Jefferson Survives is an interesting alternative history novel about Thomas Jefferson’s efforts to personally see how the great democratic experiment of creating the United States of America plays out in the far-future. Despite the premise, it falls more into alternate or historical fiction categories than it does into science fiction.

The idea is novel and well executed. The writing is sometimes a little heavy but has a good sense of humor about itself—a credit to C.J. Hayek’s writing. The characters, despite most readers being passingly familiar with Thomas Jefferson, are interesting and compelling. The plot, though thick at points, moves along and keeps things going at an interesting pace.

If you enjoy politics, theoretical democracy, historical fiction, or just an interesting thriller, this book might just fit the bill. It seems to cover lots of territory and provides a lot to interest a wide variety of readers. The idea of Thomas Jefferson in our time, uncovering and attempting to save America from a plot to enslave citizens, is fun. Him being a slave owner at the time of his self-imposed long hibernation makes the premise intriguing to see how he reacts to the new world in which he awakens.

In the end, this strange book is a fun read and provides some interesting what-if thinking about the establishment of the United States. It provides plenty of action as Thomas Jefferson attempts to save both himself and the republic he helped create almost 250 years ago.

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