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The Lottery Game

Gerard Shirar

The Lottery Game

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The Lottery Game is the fascinating story about Pete Morrisette who recently retired to an assisted living community after the death of his wife. The beginning of the book does a fantastic job naturally filling in details of the world in which the characters inhabit. The characters are well-established and fleshed out in a natural way. This adds emotional weight to the rest of the novel and helps the suspense and thriller side of the novel land more meaningfully than a typical suspense novel.

Pete’s life is quickly turned upside down by the arrival of two people in his life. Things take a sharp turn and his life is quickly changed by the Lottery game. Without spoiling anything, the ride includes a lot of twists and turns and is truly a fun book to read. Plenty of action. It’s a legal thriller without being dull. Pete is placed in some very difficult situations and it’s fun to see how he handles things.

Overall, I really enjoyed the atmosphere and ambiance the author imbues this story with. The characters are memorable. The action is exciting, mostly unpredictable, and the ending is satisfying. I enjoyed this one from beginning to end.

If you love thrillers, suspense, and legal drama, this is the book for you. It features characters that are not normally featured in stories—namely retired and living in assisted living. I don’t recall ever reading a book where the protagonist lived in such a place. I would highly recommend picking this one up.

I received a free, no-strings-attached, advanced reader’s copy of this book.

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