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The Detectivists: Dragon Ripper

Melanie Bacon

The Detectivists: Dragon Ripper

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I read all of the Sherlock Holmes books and stories as a kid so I must admit to being predisposed to really liking this novel. That said, it far exceeded all of my expectations and was a very entertaining, fun, intriguing, and interesting read.

The protagonist is Sherlock Holmes’ sister, Astraia. Always feeling like she is living life in his larger-than-life shadow, she seeks a way to impress her brother by solving a string of murders. She teams up with Madeleine Barquist, who happens to be the daughter of Jack the Ripper. Neither Astraia nor Sherlock know this about Madeleine.

Using strong female protagonists in a detective/mystery novel set in the same time as Sherlock Holmes really makes for very interesting situations. The author uses this unique opportunity to create unexpected and exciting situations.

Overall, the feel of the book is like a refreshed Sherlock mystery with very interesting twists. Make no mistake, it is not a Sherlock Holmes novel though. He is in the story and plays a role but, unlike Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s stories, he is not the center of attention.

If you enjoy mysteries or detective stories, you will definitely enjoy this one. If you love Sherlock Holmes then this is a must buy book. It is a page turner and will hold your interest from the first page to the last. The characters are rich, new, and interesting. There are a lot of interesting opportunities in this world created by Ms. Bacon.

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As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.