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Balcony of Fog

Rich Shapero

Balcony of Fog

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Balcony of Fog is a truly unique experience. There are several options for reading this book. You can buy the Kindle version, a hardcover version, or there are versions available in the iTunes App Store and the Google Play store. The versions on iTunes and Google Play are where the really interesting experience really shines.

You are able to read the book from the downloaded app just like you would any other book. However, the book is augmented by custom music and videos that add to the story and make it a lot more interactive than the average reading experience.

The apps work well are are well-designed. The straight-up reading experience is not as nice as a book or even the Kindle app on the phone. But it is a reasonable experience and the additional features more than make up for the slight inconvenience.

The story itself is well-written with characters that are not just placeholders on a page. The plot, characters, and setting all work together to make for a really fun, dystopian read.

The author manages to merge a dystopian setting with a love story in interesting ways. Overall, I think this is a book that anyone who loves fiction should pick up. The interactive elements make for an engrossing experience that adds a lot to the story.

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Balcony of Fog by Rich Shapero

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As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.