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Bright Days and Dark

John S. Wilson

Bright Days and Dark

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The trappings of fame have felled many would-be stars. Especially in the brutal music industry. This is the story of a child prodigy who discovered his talents after receiving a guitar for his sixth birthday. He quickly mastered the guitar and began writing songs that began to catch industry attention by the time he was seven.

This is the story of young John told in a biographical manner. Because of this there are a lot of stories and anecdotes that are told rather than shown as is typical in a well-written novel. However, the author really pulled this off and made the book shine through the way the narrative was laid out for the reader.

The light and dark parts of the music industry in the ’70s is told (hence the title, presumably) through the adventures of this young child. The importance of support systems and the love of family shine through as keys to surviving this exciting but tough time.

The writing is good and the story unfolds in an interesting way because of the untraditional manner (at least for fiction) in which the story is told. The characters are rich and the experiences exciting and sometimes heartbreaking. The story has real heart and is an enjoyable read.

This is a solid book that I would recommend to anyone who enjoys any kind of fiction. If you love music, or the 1970s, I think you will find this book particularly interesting. Pick it up and give it a try—I think you’ll be glad you did.

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