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The Butcher

Michael R. Lane

The Butcher

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The Butcher is a thrill ride from the moment you begin reading and doesn’t let up. Although third in a series of books involving C.J. Cavanaugh it is a book that can stand alone without needing to read the previous novels. However, after reading this one I doubt you will be able to resist going back and reading the others in the series.

The characters are engaging and have a familiarity to them that lends an air of credibility and reality to the story. The relationships are rich and nothing feels superficial about this book. It is always a treat to find characters and plots that compliment one another so perfectly that you can get lost in the book and never want to come up for air—this is that kind of book.

C.J. Cavanaugh is an investigator and with an insurance company as his primary client. When a murder victim with ties to the insurance company shows up, C.J. is asked by the insurance company to investigate. He begins working with the police department that is partially thrilled with his involvement and others viewing him as a hinderance. The deeper the investigation goes, the deeper the ties to the insurance company become. The ethical dilemmas and thrilling action and mystery of this book are really fun to watch unravel.

Overall, this is a fantastic mystery novel with a lot of fun characters and an unpredictable plot that keeps things rolling. I would highly recommend picking this one up when you can.

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