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The Shadow’s Edge

Jess Thomas

The Shadow’s Edge

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The Shadow’s Edge is a part of a series I first reviewed back in December. As I said in that first review, if you have read the other volumes, you will know what to expect from this addition. If you have not, you should probably go back and read those before diving into this one.

The writing and editing is much better in this version than the previous volume I reviewed. Not that it was intolerable before. But the writing and character development is much stronger and the plot more enjoyable and fun to follow. It is a fantasy novel which is among my favorite genres. There are LGBT+ characters that are not showpieces but are just a part of the fantasy world much like they are just a part of the real world. They exist because they do and not because they were shoehorned into the story.

Overall, this is a strong entry into the fantasy category and I enjoyed picking up the adventures again from this world the author has created. The plot moves quickly and never seems to lag (but with plenty of breathing room and time for plot and character development).

The story is imaginative, creative, and fun and everything seems to work together to make the storytelling stronger.

All-in-all this was a fun read and something I would recommend to anyone who loves fantasy. Again, reading the previous pieces of this story would be helpful but is not necessarily required to fully enjoy this book.

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As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.