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A Cherished Heritage

Reva Spiro Luxenberg

A Cherished Heritage

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A Cherished Heritage is a fun epic saga of one family’s experience moving from their home country to the United States in the late 1800s. Each of the children have wildly different experiences and is loosely based on the author’s experience hearing her mother’s stories about her family’s heritage.

I love genealogy and family history so this was a really fun read for me. Though fictional, this story felt very real and tangible. The characters were rich and it made me think a lot about my own life and my own family history. There is nothing like reading about the past to make you realize the wonderful, but short, opportunity we have here while alive to make a difference and to enrich the lives of those we know and love. For me, taking advantage of that time, or squandering it, is the hook that kept me interested in the characters’ lives and in the narrative of this story. The author does not squander the opportunity to make you feel invested in this story.

I loved the way the story was told and the adventures, and misadventures, of the Kamensky family emigrating from Lithuania to the United States. Each learns and experiences things in very different ways despite coming from the same circumstances. You never know what events, large or small, will turn a life in a new direction. This book highlights this point in several important ways.

Overall, if you enjoy history and strong character development, this is definitely the book for you.

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As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.