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36 Hours

B.J. Woster

36 Hours

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36 Hours is a fast-pace, thrilling, mystery novel. The story starts quickly and never lifts its foot from the pedal.

The plot is pretty well described and summarized in the Amazon description—a scientist who suffered an unsolved tragedy begins testing response times in different cities. The perverse experiment runs headlong into the extremely successful veteran detective Hardwick of the Atlanta Police Department. If you can set aside the current climate in the United States regarding policing, this novel is extremely exciting and a fun read.

The characters are well-developed while the plot continues to speed along. To do both is impressive and done very well in this novel. The figurative ticking timebomb of when the scientist, Christian Price, will strike again keeps the suspense tight and the action moving.

I loved the interaction of the characters and the way the plot develops. I really found the writing to be very well done. I did not have very high expectations for a novel that is relatively short, but the author does an amazing job of pacing and development and the book ended up, in my opinion, to be the perfect length.

Overall, the story is strong, the characters are fun and memorable, and the action exciting. If you love mysteries, then you should definitely pick this one up. You will really enjoy learning how this one turns out!

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As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.