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I HATE Your Prophecy

Jeff Mach

I HATE Your Prophecy

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This is the third book by Jeff Mach that I’ve picked up in like the last month if that tells you anything at all about how much I enjoy his writing. This book did not disappoint. Like so many of his works, this is a book that is ostensibly fantasy but makes poignant and hilarious observations about the human condition along the way. It is irreverent and surprising in all of the best possible ways. It is unexpected and witty and just a lot of fun to pick up and read. There is a joy you can feel the author has in writing this that is contagious and makes you really love the book, the characters, the plot, the writing, and everything about the book.

There are wizards and sorcerers and humans and, of course, a Dark Lord, and craziness ensues. The tale is full of surprises and interesting turns that you don’t often see in most literature these days. The characters are lively and robust, the dialog flows and never feels stiff or like it is serving as a proxy for telling the story. It is fun to read and to discover more about this world as the book progresses. Speaking of which, the world building is top notch and really adds to the story and circumstances faced by the characters.

Overall, this was another really fun read from Jeff Mach. If you haven’t read his other works, I would recommend them as well. This is a great book to pick up even if you haven’t read his other stuff and serves as a great introduction to his totally unique style of storytelling.

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As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.